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Rick has Retired! (But if your project is interesting enough, he could possibly be persuaded to offer his knowledge and experience.)

Superior Software is a contract engineering company with experience and expertise that you can use to resolve your software engineering problems.

As senior engineers, we understand the pressures of developing high-tech software on time, and under budget constraints.

We know software. We also know hardware.

You can benefit from our extensive experience in both software and hardware engineering. What we do is software. But when your software needs are intimately related to hardware, we speak your language.

We do some tough stuff.

We have extensive experience in some of the most sophisticated programming challenges: optimizing compilers, operating systems, run-time libraries and DLLs, embedded systems, high-speed games, and more.

We learn fast.

You can take advantage of our extensive background in many areas of computing. If we aren't already experienced with your unique system, we'll learn it very quickly, and be productive contributors to your project immediately. We excel in all areas of software engineering.

Whether you need help with

you'll get the best results with Superior Software.

We are flexible.

Whether you need to outsource a whole project, or just augment your staff for a short period, you can get the engineering services you need from Superior Software.

We deliver.

As an engineering manager, you want to be able to predict the future — at least regarding your software engineering projects. We are serious about getting projects done on time. "Overtime" means nothing to us. We'll make it happen.

We have references.

We have been providing significant contract engineering services for over 30 years, to some very large corporations, and some not so large, in the United States and Europe.

We satisfy.

If you appreciate thoughtful design, maintainable, efficient code, thorough testing and debugging, good communication, and on-time results, you'll want to use the services of Superior Software.

What can we do for you?

We provide software engineering services

C, C++, Assemblers, Pascal
for / under
MS Windows, SDK, MFC, Linux, UNIX, VMS, AmigaDOS.
Some of our specialties are
Compilers, Operating Systems, DLLs, Programming Tools, Graphics, Audio, Video, GUIs.
We also know things about
Aviation, Music, Typesetting.
You can talk to Rick at 503-640-6622.

rick at
Superior Software

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