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Brief Résumé of Rick Lahrson, Consultant:

Rick has Retired! (But if your project is interesting enough, he could possibly be persuaded to offer his knowledge and experience.)

Software Development Experience

Optimizing Compilers: C, C++, and Pascal, 680x0, VAX, 80x86, SPARC, and 80C196 -- 15 years.

Run-time Libraries and Debuggers -- 3 years.

Operating Systems and Device Drivers -- 8 years.

Graphics Systems -- 5 years.

Utilities -- 7 years.

Application Systems -- 2 years.

QA Software -- 8 years.

Embedded Software -- 8 years

Games and Toys-- 9 years.

(Yes, there is some overlap)

Other Experience

Hardware development, architecture design, analog and digital electronics, radar, audio, video, aviation, music, typesetting, cryptography. President and chief engineer, Superior Software Services, Inc. since 1975.

Tool Kit

Languages: C, C++, Pascal, many Assemblers, Perl, UNIX shells, ALGOL, Modula 2, FORTRAN, PL/I, BASIC, HTML, RTF, DCL, JCL, more. Object oriented design and coding.

GUIs and Interfaces: COM, MFC, SDK, DirectX, Direct3D Mobile, OpenGL ES (1 and 2), GDI, GDL, Intuition.

Operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Windows CE, Linux, UNIX, AmigaDOS, VMS, MS-DOS, OS/360, DOS/360.

Extensive knowledge in: Computer architectures, operating systems, language translators and interpreters, run-time systems, debuggers, graphics, audio, video.


Problem definition and solving, communication, working on or leading a team, learning new systems quickly, and producing efficient, bug-free software under deadline.

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rick at

Phone: 503-640-6622

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Last updated 4-6-2011.